You are Welcome to the Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology (AEC)


The Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology Programme is a Bachelor’s Degree Programme in the University.

The Department was created from the (former) Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension in January 2012.  Being a newly created Department, there have, however, been a lot of challenges here and there, but we seek to continue to offer our best to our range of clientele.

The Department intends to be focused and innovative in its operations so as to enable it meet both local and international challenges.  The main objective is to produce students with appropriate practical knowledge and skills in the field of Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology.  Students that will be able to create employment opportunities for themself and other people, particularly in the field of agriculture, assume leadership position and improve on the well- being of rural dwellers are the anticipated products.

Furthermore, the Department has many seasoned academics who are highly competent and specialize in various aspects of Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology.  There are areas of specialization within the confines of the discipline itself and all these provide opportunities for students to realize their life-long goals.

All Students are encouraged to read this handbook and acquaint themselves with the programme philosophy, objectives, admission requirements, programme duration and requirement for graduation.  Examination registration, disciplinary actions and staff list are also contained in the departmental website.