Career Opportunities


Objectives of the Programme

The objectives of the programmes are to:

  1. to produce graduate students with appropriate practical knowledge and skills in the field of agricultural
    extension and communication technology.
  1. Train graduate students in basic social research techniques
  2. Prepare graduate students for self and paid employment in all aspects of agriculture and rural enterprises
  3. Provide a linkage between research and end users of new technology.


Job Opportunities  


Job opportunities for graduates of agricultural extension exist in the following areas;

Private Sector

  • Farm owner
  • Consultant to various organizations
    both local and international
  • Researcher, Monitoring and Evaluation
  • Rural Sociologist/Rural health expert
  • Agro-input dealer
  • Development Communicator/Journalist/Media
  • Agricultural Units of Banks and
    Insurance Companies
  • Also job opportunities exist in private establishments such as large scale farm, agro-chemical industries and
    agro-service centers.


Public Sector

  • Academic and Extension Staff in Institutions of Higher Learning
  • Extension Staffs in State and Federal Ministry of Agriculture
  • Staff of Research Institutes such as NIFOR, CRIN, NIIR, IITA, ARMTI, NIHORT, RENL etc

Inter-Governmental Sector

  • Job opportunities with International organizations like UN, UNDP, FAO, CTA, IITA, FARA, World Bank, UNICEF etc
  • Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO) opportunities

and lots more....................