Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology

Department of Agricultural Extension and Communication Technology

Graduation Requirements

Duration of ProgrammeThe programme is for a duration of five academic sessions (5 years), but for Direct Entry students, it is four academic sessions (4 years). Requirements for Graduation (On Semester Basis)The degree of Bachelor of Agricultural Technology (B. Agric. Tech.) in Agricultural Extension & Communication technology is a five-year programme. A student may, however, acquire the degree in less than five years provided the requirements for the degree have been met. To be eligible for the degree, students must have:1. passed all required courses and any elective recommended for specialization.2. accumulated at least 186 credit units for the five year programme and 156 credit units for direct entry programme and obtained a CGPA of not less than 1.0.3. successfully completed all field practicals, industrial attachments, training and projects.

Grand Total Unit = 193

Minimum Unit required to Graduate =186

The Grand Total Unit and/or minimum TNU for the award of B. Agriculture Technology (Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology) is as follows:

UME = 186

DE = 156